Friday, March 12, 2010

If you see a legit seller on the list speak up

Don't want to call out an innocent shop.  I am not qualified enough to call out shops that are resellers.  Please do your homework before you post the name of the shop.  And smile.  It's a good thing. 


Anonymous said... ... appears to be a reseller. Left eBay with an 81% rating. I've posted them on Twitter & reported them to Etsy - but they are still up and running. Thanks for starting this blog. :)

fyi - their Twitter acct lists their main website. There is nothing handmade about their tunics/clothing.

debi beard said...

what about the sellers who are blatantly stealing ideas? I own a retail store 90% handmade much of it I make and design myself. A former employee quit and started an etsy site with all of my work she 95% of what she claims as hers is my design.... where can these people be called out?

Anonymous said...

trendsofindia, nuff said

beachcovejewelry said...

trends of india is that pillow thing right? they are all over the place! how can etsy think they can make so many pillows like that. come on