Friday, March 12, 2010

This will Be only as accurate as we make it

I am adding and taking off sellers per your comments.  I do not nor do Etsy sellers in general want to "call out" any seller by mistake.  We are only doing this to help unplug the clutter (and there is a shit load of clutter) on Etsy.  I don't believe that Etsy admins can possibly go through each and every store and verify it's origin because they have already allowed them in without any regulations in place.


Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

Thank you - I really appreciate it.

Rachelle said...

Sometimes it is all-too-easy to grab a pitchfork and join the "village mob", but we all know where that goes... Just added the words "BY ME" to my handmade lampwork bead listings hoping that will help...somehow.

Melina and Denise said...

I think we all just want real craftspeople and artists to have every chance to succeed. So let's get the word of the blog out there.