Monday, March 15, 2010

Could you be more obvious? WTF???

This is the crap that is totally slapping us in the face.  SHYMALIL LAMAS Shop.  Please tweet and blog this shop all over the place.  High five the one who called it out.

Check out the listing below marked handmade.  There are a ton of these on this site.


Anonymous said...

What boggles the mind is how elaborately these people create feedback for themselves. I had someone contact me once to ask me to discount my items, and thinking it was a bit rude, I checked their profile. They had only been on Etsy for 2 days, had 10 sales and 8 positive feedback! Later they contacted me again pretending they didn't get my message (that told them I don't discount) and when I checked again they had 30 feedback!

WindyWorld has a lot of feedback, but if you look at THOSE people's profiles, their feedback is inflated too, so how many users do they create in order to perpetrate such fraud?

I've noticed that REAL feedback for a seller seems to be like 40% of the sales equals feedback (ie 100 sales, they will have feedback of 40 or so) if their feedback matches their sales, watch out! How many people do YOU know who joined in January 2010 and already have 90 positive feedback, all from BUYERS???

Anonymous said...

oops i meant to say CloudyWind, not WindyWorld... weird name.

Anonymous said...

Your second link doesn't work, get a "broken link" page from google.

I can't believe they have almost 2,500 sales! and they've been on Etsy for almost 2 years.

The admins have their heads in the sand, and don't give a damn about the sellers.

Rob coming back smells a bit like the beginning of the end to me.

He doesn't appear to know his elbow from his behind, and is like a 2 year old, with about as much attention span. Flits from one idea to the next and never finishes anything he starts. We're in big trouble now, methinks.

Melina and Denise said...

I am not disputing, but am curious as to what rules they are breaking. I didn't notice anything tagged 'handmade' but maybe I didn't look enough.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how it's tagged, Etsy is a venue for buying and selling handmade OR vintage items. Even if someone isn't saying their items are handmade, if they aren't they shouldn't be selling on Etsy. Period.

It ias sometimes hard to tell, but when you see an elaborate piece of jewelry selling for a few bucks, you know it wasn't created by an artisan.

And, no, the reason they have 2500 feedback in 2 years is because they inflate their feedback, creating "buyer" accounts and buying from themselves, then giving feedback. Such an elaborate fraud.

Melina and Denise said...

But what about supplies? Could they be a legit supply dealer?

Anonymous said...

How is this person not a reseller? No indication whatsoever that they are screenprinting themselves. I'm not an expert though, will you guys take a look?

Melina and Denise said...
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Anonymous said...

oops, that's the link.

Jewlzs said...

Here are some more resellers to add to your list in the crochet category on etsy.

crochetbouquet flower

These are the two sites the crochet flowers are purchased from.

Since I'm not allowed to call out on etsy I'm callin out here!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native tongue. Please dont get offended. I just want to understand. There is a lot dislike of resellers like me. Handcraft artist from my country usually come from outside big city, where some place internet is unavailable due to lack of infrastructure itself, or the artist could not afford a computer or subscribed to internet line and many of us could not afford to even own merchant account, or credit card (because we don't have permanent salary), and mostly do not speak english too. So I feel I want to help them introduce their craft work to the world and give them some income in return. But I'm not a bigtime business person just someone who don't have enough money to open a physical shop but hoping I could have some income as well. So if I could not really sell at etsy or others place alike.. and ebay takes a lot of money from me for profit cut. Is there other alternative for me?

Passive Poosie said...

This is a SUPPLIES STORE. 100% legit to sell on Etsy ;)